What You'll Accomplish in my Find and Grow Your Funding Course

  • Understand 5 Funding Streams

    When it comes to fundraising, there's no one-size-fits-all solution that works best for every nonprofit. I'll show you the inner-workings of 5 possible funding streams for your organization, and how to assess which one(s) will meet the needs of your unique organization.

  • Create a Fundraising Plan

    Once you've got a handle on the possible ways you could generate revenue for your organization, I'll show you how to create your official Fundraising Plan, complete with your budget, chosen funding strategies, action steps, and funding leads.

  • Start Raising Money with Concrete Action Steps

    I'll get you started with some practical, concrete action steps you can take right away to start working towards raising money using your Fundraising Plan. I'll provide several templates and other resources that will give you a boost, too!

  • Move At Your Own Pace

    Every Nonprofit is different. When you enroll in Find and Grow Your Funding, you'll be able to move at your own pace to complete lessons and planning. When you enroll in my course, you have access for the lifetime of the course - so take the time you need to get it right!

The Find and Grow Your Funding course includes:

  • 9 Modules with 18+ detailed video lessons detailing fundraising strategies for newer or smaller organizations (Value: $1,350)

  • A Fundraising Plan template and others, including templates to help with budgeting, grants research and writing, getting sponsorships, and more. (Value: $1,500)

  • Access to the Find and Grow Your Funding Student Community where fellow course students - aspiring Nonprofit Founders, like you! - can connect, discuss, share resources and ideas, and build community! (Value: $600 / year)

  • And -- Full course access - including any future updates or additions to content, resources, or templates - for the life of the course!

  • Total Value: $3,450+

Is this course right for you?

The Find and Grow Your Funding course in my Founder to Full-Time Academy is perfect for Nonprofit leaders (founders, Board members, staff, volunteers) interested in creating a first-time or revamped fundraising strategy for their organization.

  • You're interested in creating a fundraising plan tailored to your organization's specific mission and needs.

  • Your organization is new or relatively small. This course is great for organizations just getting started (even if you haven't filed official paperwork for nonprofit status) OR organizations still trying to figure out an effective fundraising strategy!

  • Your organization does not have to be located in the USA for this course to apply to your needs, but it is important to note course materials have been developed in the context of nonprofits in the USA and may best apply to organizations in the USA.

  • You're ready to start planning, and committed to the process. Creating a fundraising plan is the beginning of your fundraising journey - putting the plan into action is what matters! Each of my 9 modules may take 30-90 minutes on average to complete.

Years ago, I took my nonprofit vision and made it my full-time career.

Once upon a time, I felt inspired to make an impact in my community and launched a nonprofit with little experience, a handful of supporters, and zero dollars in start-up funds. Now, I run the Nonprofit I started as its full-time Director, working to fulfill the organization's purpose alongside a team of staff and an amazing board of directors! I can't wait to help you turn your idea into a successful nonprofit through my Founder to Full-Time Academy courses. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Amber Melanie Smith

Find and Grow Your Funding Course Breakdown

Want to know EXACTLY what this course will teach you? Here's the breakdown:

1: Introduction
I'll introduce you to Nonprofit fundraising basics and terminology and your Fundraising Plan content.

2: Budgeting
I'll share Nonprofit budgeting basics and answers to FAQs, provide a budgeting template, and a how-to guide if this is your first time creating a budget.

3: Five Funding Streams
I'll introduce you to the five funding streams we'll cover in the course.

4: Individual Donations
I'll talk through the basics of donations as a revenue strategy, how they work, and how to get them.

5: Grants
I'll share the basics of grants and grant writing - types of grants and where to find them, tips on how to improve your likelihood of getting grants, and more.

6: Earned Income
I'll walk you through what 'earned income' is and how to develop an earned income strategy that will generate consistent revenue without violating earned income rules.

7: Sponsorships
I'll cover sponsorship basics, how they differ from donations, how to create sponsorship packages and how to approach potential sponsors.

8: Fundraising Events
I'll explain the pros and cons of fundraising events as a revenue strategy, how to develop events that fit your organization's needs, and how to plan an event.

9: Completing Your Fundraising Plan
I'll show you how to put it all together - combining your learning and tailored fundraising strategy into your final Fundraising Plan, including concrete actions you can take to get started.

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  • If you aren't satisfied with the program, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

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