What You'll Accomplish in my Idea to Official Course

  • Validate Your Nonprofit Vision

    Learn how to complete effective community and market research and validate your idea so you can be sure your Nonprofit will make a genuine community impact AND be financially viable.

  • Chart a Course for Your Nonprofit

    Learn how to design an effective nonprofit program, craft your mission statement, and define your nonprofit's brand so you can launch with confidence!

  • Prepare to File for Nonprofit Status and Launch

    Understand the steps required to file for official 501(c)3 nonprofit status in the USA, get a head start drafting key paperwork, and create a Nonprofit Launch Pitch Deck to inspire others to become your first supporters!

  • Move At Your Own Pace

    Every Nonprofit Founder - and vision - is different. When you enroll in Idea to Official, you'll be able to move at your own pace to complete lessons and worksheets. When you enroll in my course, you have access for the lifetime of the course - so take the time you need to get it right!

The Idea to Official course includes:

  • 12 Modules with 25+ digestible video lessons detailing my process for helping beginners take a developing idea and turn it into a high-impact nonprofit (Value: $1,875)

  • Multiple, custom, easy-to-use checklists, resource guides, templates, and other resources to help you take concrete action at each step of your planning and launch (Value: $1,725)

  • Access to the Idea to Official Student Community where fellow course students - aspiring Nonprofit Founders, like you! - can connect, discuss, share resources and ideas, and build community! (Value: $600 / year)

  • And -- Full course access - including any future updates or additions to content, resources, or templates - for the life of the course!

  • Total Value: $4,000+

There's more: My Founder to Full-Time Academy Give Back Program

I want invest back in the work of Nonprofit Founders. Every month, enrolled students who have completed the Idea to Official course and show evidence they've been approved for their state or federal nonprofit status will be eligible for my Founder to Full-Time Academy Give Back Program. I'll donate 10% of each month's net profits from the Idea to Official course to a randomly selected eligible student's new nonprofit organization each month. 

Is this course right for you?

The Idea to Official Course in my Founder to Full-Time Academy is perfect for aspiring Nonprofit Founders ready to take on the challenge of creating real change in their communities.

  • Your core motivation is figuring out how to make a real, lasting impact on your community.

  • You feel driven to tackle big needs - AND ready to work through the challenges (and rewards!) of nonprofit work.

  • You're in a beginning stage of defining your Nonprofit vision and mapping out your steps to make it "official" (you haven't filed any paperwork yet).

  • You're planning to launch a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit in the U.S.A. Lessons, materials, and templates shared in this course apply to U.S.-based organizations only.

  • You're ready to start planning, and committed to the process. Launching a nonprofit takes a bit of work! Each of my 12 Modules may take 30-90 minutes on average to complete; the assigned planning research and worksheets may take a few days to a few months, depending on what, if any, research and planning you've already started. I recommend setting aside a few hours per week to work through course content and take full advantage of course materials.

Years ago, I took my nonprofit vision and made it my full-time career.

Once upon a time, I felt inspired to make an impact in my community and launched a nonprofit with little experience, a handful of supporters, and zero dollars in start-up funds. Now, I run the Nonprofit I started as its full-time Director, working to fulfill the organization's purpose alongside a team of staff and an amazing board of directors! I can't wait to help you turn your idea into a successful nonprofit through my Founder to Full-Time Academy courses. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Amber Melanie Smith

What Nonprofit Founders are saying

“This course was amazing! Amber effortlessly breaks down many complex topics as she prepares you for the journey of starting your own nonprofit. I learned so much about the research, organization, and skills that go into the nonprofit development process. I also learned a lot of useful information about the application process and how to establish your nonprofit idea into a formal entity. Thanks to the class, I feel really inspired to go explore my own ideas and see what positive social change I can make.”

Nonprofit Founder

David R.

“You quickly see that information is abundant. At first, I was overwhelmed. However, as you continue, you soon realize that Amber guides you through and breaks down every little bit of information. My questions had been answered. If you are looking to start up your nonprofit organization and you're maybe unsure where to start, I suggest this be your first step. Overall, I thought the class was very well thought out and nicely executed. What a great experience!”

Nonprofit Founder

Jessica N.

“The details are spot on with today's needs in building and creating a non-profit! The course is informative, clear, helpful and specific.”

Nonprofit Founder

Steven H.

The Idea to Official Course Breakdown

Want to know EXACTLY what my course will teach you? Here's the breakdown - how I'll show you how to go from "Idea" to "Official:

Introduction & Planning Before Your Launch
In Chapters 1 and 2, I'll introduce you to the Nonprofit structure, basic terminology, and help you set the stage for successful planning.  

Market Research 1: Understanding The Social Problem
In Chapter 3, I'll provide a step by step process and worksheet for beginning your market research to launch an effective Nonprofit.

Market Research 2: Validating Your Nonprofit Idea
In Chapter 4, I'll show you how to conduct a needs assessment to validate your Nonprofit concept and share resources and tools to help you customize your assessment process for your unique community.

Preparing to Be A Nonprofit Leader
In Chapter 5, you'll create your Founder's Story, assess your strengths, and dive deeper into what it means to be an effective Nonprofit leader.

Writing a Vision Statement and Developing a Signature Program
In Chapters 6 and 7, you'll learn how to create an inspiring Vision statement and create or strengthen your Nonprofit's signature program using my 6-step program planning process.

How to write an effective Mission Statement
In Chapter 8, you'll learn how to write an effective Nonprofit Mission Statement that can inspire others to support your cause.

Creating your Nonprofit Brand
In Chapter 9, I'll take you step by step to flesh out a clear, compelling brand, from defining your values and 'voice', to choosing a great name for your Nonprofit.

Preparing to file for official Nonprofit status in the U.S.A.
In Chapter 10, I'll show you the step by step process to file for official Nonprofit status in the U.S.A., provide tips, strategies, and resources to help you start your paperwork.

Planning for Nonprofit start-up costs + create a Launch Pitch Deck!
In Chapter 11, we'll talk about common ways to fund Nonprofit start-up costs, what types of expenses you can expect when getting started, and a few ideas for fundraisers to get your wheels turning. I'll provide my exclusive Nonprofit Launch Pitch Deck template that you can customize and use to share the story of your new organization with others!

Next Steps + How to enroll in the Idea to Official Give Back Program
In Chapter 12, we'll talk about your next steps, including how you can enroll in my Give Back Program for the chance to win a portion of course proceeds to help your new Nonprofit grow!

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  • If you aren't satisfied with the program, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

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